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Well Hello There!

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My hunch is that someone you trust mentioned my name, or you came across one of my online blogs or videos. However, you got here, I'm really overjoyed that you're here. 


Want to know more about me?

I'm an Advanced Grief Method Recovery Specialist and Certified Grief Educator with an unwavering passion to help you through your toughest losses and reclaim your life.  My passion stems from experiencing the passing of my first born daughter. After thinking I had this whole grief thing under control and ultimately creating a huge mess in my life, I learned that there were so many lies about how to grieve, and worst yet... I had believed them.

I'm a wife, mother to 5 beautiful daughters (one currently in heaven) I'm a born and raised Montanan that loves wide open spaces, campfires, the sound of birds singing in the morning and my favorite place to decompress is on a beach taking in the salty sea air. I love a good social scene yet value my alone time greatly. I love christian music but am known to still throw on a little gangster rap and jam out in my home. 

I am an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist specializing in the Grief Recovery Method. I encourage and educate grievers. I teach tools and necessary action steps to complete the things left incomplete by death, divorce or any other loss. It's my life's work to help you along this path in less time than it took me (Hello school of hard knocks) Want to talk about unhelpful ways to grieve...I've done them. Want to talk about being stuck... I was so there. Want to talk about all the well meaning but hurtful things people say... I wanted to throat punch them too.

If you want a cheerleader, I'm not the girl for you. But if you want a coach, someone to guide you, teach you, someone to stand there and reach an arm down to help pick you back up (because I've lived through it and I've come out on the other side, thriving, loving and most importantly living again…) Then I'm your girl!

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Phone: 406-694-8323

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Here's What Some Former Clients Have To Say

Aspen's Angels grief recovery course has enlightened my life. I joined the course so I could fully heal and then inturn help others to do the same.

I feel like this class has helped me to be aware of my feelings attached to my losses, equipped me to properly grieve and complete the loss, and be able to be compassionate and understanding to others experiencing such grief.

Kira is a very kind, compassionate gal, who wants to show and teach others that there is freedom in completing this cycle. She is truly a selfless individual.

I highly reccomend this course. ~ C.D

I have been seeking answers to healing myself for years including books, counselors, seminars, & friends. In eight meaningful sessions Kira has helped me complete a major loss in my life. Grief recovery is something every person could benefit from. It is eye opening & freeing. Kira is a caring facilitator & her enthusiasm for helping others is evident. I am thankful to the supportive women I took this journey with. They made it a safe & loving environment which increased my confidence in sharing such a personal loss. I feel like I have taken a major step forward in my life thanks to Aspen's Angels & I can't wait to coontinue growing. ~ M.C.

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