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Laura Lauer

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Let’s talk about Grief!

Grief isn’t an exciting or easy topic, but it is certainly something we all experience throughout life. I believe that in the presence of grief lies the opportunity for healing and growth, and I look forward to meeting anyone ready to step into that process!


My Story

I was born and raised here in Montana and am happy to be raising two incredible boys alongside my husband of 15+ years, all while being surrounded by an amazing circle of family of friends here in the Big Sky State. I find joy in the warmth of the sunshine (and nature in general), am a collector of books, love all things vintage, can spend hours gazing at the stars, and am admittedly a bit of a mystic that can often be found lost in deep thought.  

My journey of becoming a Grief Recovery Specialist began when I was searching to fill in some gaps with my education. I am a college student working towards a master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling with a goal of becoming a licensed therapist. Knowing that I will be faced with many future clients who are grieving, I found myself discouraged with the lack of coursework focused on bereavement and loss in general, therefore I set out on a mission to further my knowledge outside of my schooling.  I have been inspired by what Kira has built at Aspen’s Angels since the very beginning, so I knew she was the perfect person to reach out to.  I had no idea that meeting for a cup of coffee would open the door to so many things. 

The Grief Recovery Method was not only the answer to the insight and tools I was seeking for my future counseling career, but it was also the answer to help in processing my own grief! It is impossible to be an effective counselor without actively working on your personal growth and development, and this system is exactly what I needed to navigate my own healing process.  While I won’t write a novel outlining the many times I have experienced grief over the years, I have had multiple sources including death, suicide, miscarriage, career loss/financial insecurity, and even the diagnosis of disease and mental illness within my family. 

The opportunity of joining Aspen’s Angels Foundation and obtaining certification as a certified Grief Recovery Specialist has been a dream come true and I look forward to walking alongside anyone ready to embark on their own healing journey. Whether you have experienced a death, miscarriage, divorce, loss of trust, pet loss, a change in health, loss of a job or financial stability, trauma in general, or honestly any “life-change” that is causing stress and heartache – this method offers the tools to help you move through and beyond your grief.  I’m here to answer any questions for anyone interested or looking for more information! 

Let's Connect!

Phone: 406-694-8323

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