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Speaking & Seminars

Looking for a speaker for one of your women's events or seminars on any topic?  Could your staff and/or constituents benefit from learning about how to deal with a broken heart over a significant loss?  Call 406-661-3473 today. 

Downsizing? Looking where to refer those you are having to let go for help in processing the loss of their job?

Want to never again wonder what to do or say to anyone experiencing a loss?

Our consulting services, in-service training and seminars, are designed to meet your specific needs and desires.  One of our Grief Recovery Specialists will carefully and tenderly walk this journey with you and those you refer for our assistance.  

So often people attempt to deal with their pain by trying to keep busy or by just giving it time.  They may look fine on the outside but their broken heart, fear and uncertainty on how to cope is most often hidden.  We can help you discover the signs that indicate help is needed.  Not only is the emotional well-being of the person at stake but hidden grief costs U.S. companies more than $75 billion annually (according to a Grief Index discussed in The Wall Street Journal Online article titled "Putting a Price Tag on Grief" (Nov. 20, 2002)). 

"When your heart is broken, your head doesn't work right," says Russell Friedman, Executive Director of the Grief Recovery Institute.  The best interest of the individual and your organization can be helped by taking positive action to provide the appropriate help.     

To inquire about scheduling a free consultation, one of our in-service trainings or a speaking engagement for your group, school, church, or business, Call Kira at 406-661-3473 or email at

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