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With Each Passing Year

Tomorrow will be the start to another new year. People celebrating, writing new years resolutions and planning for many exciting things to come. Yet with each passing year, your beautiful precious moments face pops into my mind. I replay the events of the day we lost you. I replay the the following weeks, months and years we moved forward through this life with a gaping hole in our hearts.

2018 will be the 15th year we will navigate without your presence in our daily life. Raising children most definitely has it's highs and lows. It's rewards and frustrations, and I won't pretend as though we would not have had our share of fights, slamming doors and foot stomps. However, there is always a person missing from our photos, a Christmas stocking that doesn't have a child ripping through it with excitement on Christmas morning and a Birthday cake that doesn't have a maturing young lady blowing out the candles. There is a piece of our family unit missing. One that we have to imagine the stage of life you would be in. We can only tell stories to your sisters of who we think you would have become and we make up the silly things you may have been frustrated with in this life. We walk along side those who also suffer great loss. Your sisters have a heart for others and are not afraid help someone when tough times arrive and your father loves so deeply because of you. So you see my dear daughter, you have been removed from our lives physically, yet you remain in our hearts everyday. Although this world trudges on, makes plans and continues to move without you, you live on in us. Your life, regardless of how long has made an impact here. Your story get told. Your life mattered and is helping other people to this very day. So this year my sweet Aspen, I am excited to see what happens here because you lived. You may have parted from this earth, but your legacy continues to grow

........with each passing year.

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