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Tips To Find Peace

The holidays are here. There's hustle and bustle, all the business that comes this time of year. We run and do all the things. We hasten to buy and tie up the loose strings. We laugh but cry in the privacy of our homes, not for anyone to hear but just our Christmas gnomes.

Our time is limited as the 25th approaches. The stress is peaking as our high blood pressure encroaches. The time is now, to calm our hearts. Right now, this minute, it's time to start.

Put down the cell phones and shut off the news. Be present with our loved ones and maybe take a snooze. Your peace is worth it. Your mindfulness awaits. Your future is eager for you, so don't leave it up to fate.

Lets face it, this time of year can feel like a rat race. Work, school, parties, performances, shopping, wrapping, cooking etc. We can quickly become consumed with keeping up our pinterest best. Lets face it, we all need to add a little more peace in our lives. SO here we go a few quick tips to calm down the hustle and some tranquility in our lives.

  1. Take a break from social media: It steals more time than we realize and gives us a false sense that we are falling behind in life.

  2. Put down the ol cell phone: Do you realize how many times a day you pick up your phone to check to see if you have any messages? I challenge to document this one day. Sometimes it's not even a full 5 minutes before we check our phones. Like a nervous twitch that we have little control over. The messages, the news, the social, the emails... they will all still be there in a hour. Take some uninterrupted time to yourself.

  3. Try Meditation: I dare you. Are you capable of clearing your mind and releasing all the worries of the day? Don't know how to meditate, click on your favorite music app and search. I promise they have some guided meditation there. Dim the lights, sit in a relaxing position and release the stress of the day.

  4. Have you heard of breath work? Whew! let me rock your world for a second! Have you ever experienced a high stress situation? Have you ever felt anxiety or panic? What happens to your body? How do you feel those emotions? Your heart rate increases, your breathe becomes shallow, your muscle tighten up. Breath work teaches you that you can slow your heart rate down with deep breathes in and releasing long breathes out. If you can slow that heart rate down you can help release your body of all the high emotional stress it's experiencing. It's a beautiful calming experience.

  5. Take a walk: Get connected with nature again. Walk and give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful world we live in. Pay attention to the smell of crisp snow filled air, feel the chill on your cheeks, listen to the crunch of winter under your boots, enjoy the magic this season has to offer.

  6. Practice mindfulness: Have you stopped to see all wonder life has to offer? The laughing of children, the holiday music, the twinkling lights. The smells of your baking are worth a moment of embrace, the warmth from the oven and the way your tummy feels as it gets to enjoy all your hard work.

  7. Take the time to laugh: When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Or laughed so long that your cheeks physically hurt? It's never too late to find that joy, watch that movie, share those stories. Laugh and don't quit till it hurts.

  8. Check your gratitude meter: When was the last time you sat down and physically wrote out all the things, experiences, memories and people you are grateful for? It's pretty easy to find peace the you realize all of the beauty in your life. You woke up, that sunset, snuggles from the pup, warm heat flowing from the vents, hot soup in your belly, a phone call from a friend, a hug from a stranger... you get the point.

The world will run you until you can't run any longer. Be kind to yourself. Take a moment to find your peace, your calm, your tranquility.

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