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When Your World Is Falling Apart

The emptiness, eerie quiet, where have all the people gone, my world as I know it has forever changed....

Can you relate to this right now? The world is in chaos, fear and panic are all around. There is uncertainty, anger, blame, frustrations and a protect thy self mentality.

As I sit back and watch I can't help but see the grief in everyone life growing by the minute. Jobs are being lost, small business are going under. The stock market is unpredictable having it's third market halt in the last week! People are sick and people are dying.

Most don't see this as grief. Most have no clue that their expectations of the future have been altered causing feelings of grief. loss and chaos. Here's the deal though... talk to anyone who has suffered from great loss. Here are common words used to describe what some feel; forever changed, chaos, fear, panic, uncertainty, anger, blame, frustration, self preservation. sound familiar? They are the exact words used to describe what is happening in our world right now! We are all experiencing grief. Just like in the death of someone you love, you can't change what's happened but you can choose to decided how YOU will respond. Will it be in fear and anger and looting or will it be in showing up for your neighbor? Will you choose to be present wile you are quarantined at home with your kids or will your face stay glued to social media as you watch in shock of whats going on in the world? Will you take the gift of slowing down and calling your parents who you haven't talked to in weeks, or choose to buy all the things and price gauge others? See we all have a choice in our response to our current situation.

How you choose to show up today and view the world will directly effect your state of mind, your current health, your relationships with others, your impact on your children, Do I need to say it LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK?

YOU HAVE A CHOICE! Pour into the only thing that matters... People and relationships. Everything else is just noise. How much toilet paper you have will not matter if you are run ill, what will matter is how you made others feel. Did you call and say you're sorry or I love you, I miss and you matter to me, are you okay?

Here is what I want to leave you with today. Live in the present, it's the only thing we are guaranteed. This minute right here. Love your families, take care of your neighbor and choose to be a light in this current darkness.

Please share, Lets Spread some Light and Love

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